Safety Statement

Statement of Safety Policy

Mission Statement:

We will continue to institute, develop and maintain an effective safety program to ensure a safe and healthy working environment, which is of the utmost importance to our customers and Bremco.

Program Outline:

Bremco has an established safety manual in place. We are able to address any and all customer and site specific safety requirements based upon sound OSHA guide lines.

We will perform an initial JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS to address all of the site specific challenges as well as any customer required policy. This is truly a living document that will address site changes and be able to make any adjustments in the safety requirements as deemed necessary. Bremco holds daily tool box safety meetings which are site specific as well as attend any customer initiated meetings to monitor changes. We openly encourage all of our employees to monitor their own safety as well as those around them and be proactive. All employees are entitled to report any unsafe work condition and if need be to stop the situation until the area can be made safe.

Our established safety committee made up of a mix of management and hourly monitors the overall safety program to assure that Bremco is adhering to all OSHA required guide lines as well as good common sense policies and practices.

Safety Manual
Safety Stats